UPPE FUGU Inflatable Furniture

UPPE FUGU Inflatable Furniture

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Starting at € 329,-

Comfortable and spectacularly designed
Ideal for showrooms, events and just any promotion
Striking in design and still extremely comfortable

New at UPPE! Futuristic FUGU Inflatable furniture. Design furniture, comfortable and spectacularly designed . Ideal for showrooms, events and just any promotion. We offer 2 styles sofa’s; de FUGU Brick Sofa; a more angular trendy design and the FUGU Kuki Sofa; a more rounded shape. The armchairs (Cubrick Chairs) are of same angular design as the Brick sofa. The table/hocker (named FUGU Maki) is square with rounded corners. Optionally a table top available against surcharge.

All various elements match distinctively in shape an design.

UPPE FUGU furniture is striking in design and still extremely comfortable.

De UPPE FUGU Inflatable furniture is available in 3 different versions.

The Cristal range, Plain Range and Custom range.

The Cristal range is as the name implies, transparent as crystal glass. Very trendy for home or project designs, innovative in a waiting room or luxury business reception or as trade show and event furniture. If used with the LED lights (optional available) the Cristal range will transform your area into a striking 3.0 lounge area. In any desired color, providing you with an overwhelming high quality club exposure!

De Plain range comes with standard covers in solid colors. These covers are water resistant and free of any fragrance. Machine washable at 40 degrees Celsius ( not in the dryer because of the shape) which secures you of clean, fresh and hygienic furniture which shows. The TPU material can be easily cleaned just with a cloth and warm water.

De Custom Range speaks for itself. You entirely determine the looks and appearance. Just your logo? Or completely full color designed, it is entirely up to you. We can provide you with templates. Naturally we can also format and fill the templates for you so that we can take care that your branding is given optimal exposure.

UPPE FUGU furniture are ultimate eye catchers with very professional exposure

The Custom Range is a magnificent and functional tool to increase your brand load in your showroom, sales area, at events or on your terrace. Unique and very comfortable furniture with a high end exposure for your brand , your product or service. The UPPE FUGU furniture is designed for high brand exposure with comfort so that your sales meeting can take place effectively and comfortably, because nowhere else your (potential) clients will be welcomed as pleasantly while inhaling your brand, as with you. The high quality materials make the UPPE FUGU set durable and very pleasurable in use.

The inflation time for a set ( sofa, 2 armchairs and the hocker) is just 12 minutes. The total set weight is around 10 kgs. ( including pump and carrybag).Every part can be branded, however our advice is to remember in your design the slogan “less is more” , because then your branding will strike ultimately.

LED in the UPPE FUGU furniture transforms it into art objects.

A LED unit is available to lighten your UPPE FUGU furniture. Specifically when used in the Cristal range the highest possible effect is created. The transparent materials don’t fade any of the Led light and this will transform your area or terrace in to a superb lounge club, especially at night.When used in with the white plain material this LED also provides a stunning effect; very popular on trade shows and events.

The Custom Range can be full color printed or can be embroidered. Embroidery can be done against a surcharge and provides your furniture with a rich feel and look. Especially for indoor use embroidery is an added value. For outdoor use we recommend you to use full color prints.

The average lead time to produce your UPPE FUGU furniture is around 10-15 business days. Prices are including free delivery to your door (Benelux). The furniture is a European product that is fabricated according to EU guidelines and lives up to all EU desired standards. The 250g polyester textile covers come with a water resistant coating for optimal comfort and they are guaranteed free of any fragrance. Moreover all materials are 100% recyclable, this is important to us and to everybody that wishes to run their business in a green and responsible way, caring about our environment.

Of course the UPPE FUGU furniture line matches incredibly well with the UPPE Aero Tents as you can see below.

In case you would like to receive more information about the UPPE FUGU Inflatable furniture, please let us know and contact us. You can have a UPPE FUGU Armchair starting at €329.-


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