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A standaard

Starting at € 89,50

Extremely suitable for communication
Has room for posters on two sides
Multiple sizes available

The UPPE A-Standard is a very stylish communication tool in front of your store, stand, company or event.

The UPPE A-Standard has room for posters on two sides. Also the A-standard comes with 2 strong high quality pvc foils. In case they suffer from the weather after some years of outside performance, replacement foils can be ordered at any time.  The posters are easy interchangeable. The A-Standard comes without the posters, but of course we can also provide you with posters. Please check the website for the posters. The A-standard is water resisting (not waterproof).

The UPPE A-standard comes in the following sizes:
A1 (594x840mm)
A0 (840x1180mm)
B1 (700x1000mm)

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