Mobile Billboard

Mobile Billboard

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Starting at € 119,00

Streetview mobile billboard for communication and advertising
Room for posters on two sides
water resistant as well as waterproof available!

The UPPE mobile streetview billboard is ultimately suitable for communication and advertising in front of your store, stand, company or location. This type of billboard gives the first impression to the people passing your business or event. If you use it ultimately with the right message and attractive posters, it will trigger people to come into your store, company, trade stand or to see whatever activity or service that you are promoting.

The billboard has room for posters on two sides. Regardless which version mobile billboard you choose, they all stand on a watertank that you can fill with water or, if you prefer, with sand and they all come with wheels. Easy to move and to be placed where you will catch utmost attention.

All versions available are furnished with strong springs and the budget versions are water resistant, but there is also a waterproof series available. Posters are fast and easy interchangeable, so you can change your message regularly in order to keep the attention level high. The boards comes in all versions with high quality pvc foil. In case the foil has suffered after some years of being outside on a daily bases, you can re-order these foils separately.

Exclusive posters. The UPPE billboard is in all 3 series available in the following size:
A1 (594x840mm), B1 (700x1000mm) and A0 (840x1188mm)

The first version is a basic billboard, with a strong plastic tank base and 2 strong springs. it is water resistant. This billboard can resist wind gusts of about 50km/h.

The second version (Cafe Latte poster) comes with 4 strong springs and is 100% waterproof because the the foam in the frame. So this version keeps your posters guaranteed dry also in very rainy circumstances.

Version 3 (with the poster of the watch) is the best billboard available. It is not only waterproof but it can also resist wind gusts up to 100km/h, so this board is a real weather resistant advertisement tool.

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