Brand frame

Brand frame

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Starting at € 275,-

Aluminum structure of 220cm by 300cm
Fast, simple and easy
The UPPE Brand Frame is a bestseller

The UPPE Brand Frame is a bestseller in the field of outdoor communication and is the most visible advertising spot in its kind.

The UPPE Brand Frame is an aluminum structure of 220cm by 300cm which makes it a striking advertising bill board, indoors and outdoors.

As it is built up from pipes and connecting parts any desired size can be created. Contact us for a quote for the size you are looking for.

The design of the UPPE Brand Frame is unique as no elastics are applied, but instead a double sided printable polyester cover is to be sled over the frame. Fast, simple and easy. By the use of a zipper at one side and Velcro tape at the bottom, the Brand Frame advertising cover is secured.

For indoor use of the Brand Frame UPPE has designed a special 34kg foot plate, so that your Brand Frame can expose your advertisement safely and secure on any desired (temporary) spot.


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