The Exhibition Tent

The Exhibition Tent

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Very popular items in our range of Exhibition Products
Tent is ready to go in less then 60 seconds
Can be used indoors as outdoors

The Exhibition Tent is a very popular items in our range of Exhibition Products, as the Exhibition tents has a lot of different feautures.
First of all you carry your own customized stand with you in every mid class car, and don’t require a lot of space to transport. Secondly you save time in build up your stand at trade shows as the Exhibition Tent is ready to go in less then 60 seconds and you’re in business. Did you knew that you most certain get a discount on your booked floor space using your exhibition tent, as you don’t require basic stands from the organization, keep that in mind while booking your space!

Furthermore the Exhibition Tent with full color print is well recognizable from distances, as the peak is above the crowd and from 4 sides your communication is coming to them. With using full color walls you can create your own environment where your brand of products stands for and use the walls to communicate the features of your product if you want to ensure all your sales staff is telling the same story!

The Quick Folding Exhibition Tent is coated with the highest standard in Europe on water resistant and fire retardency B1 DIN 4102 on the 600D
Fabric.. We also seal of tops to ensure no leaking edges damaging your equipment underneath. Finally we deliver any custom Exhibition tent
within 10 days on any place in Europe, that’s our strength and best feature, fast, good quality and 25 years of experience.

The exhibition Tent can be used indoors as outdoors and ensure your brand an added value. The Exhibition Tent of UPPE is the new benchmark in Europe, thanks to our 25 years of experience in the industry.

Quick Folding Tent , beurstent
Quick Folding Tent, beurstent

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